The Toddler’s 1st Educational Coloring Book is a great choice for young artists. Each page allows children to increase their reading skills and learn fundamental concepts about:

  • letters
  • numbers
  • shapes
  • words

Unlike many toddler books, this book covers both upper- and lower-case letters. 

Coloring will improve your child’s pencil grip, and help them relax, self-regulate their mood and develop their imagination. 

The paper is heavier than most coloring books, bright white, and works well with art supplies like crayons, colored pencils, gel pens and some markers. It also works nicely with craft activities like glitter and stickers. This totally cool children’s coloring book is full of images that promise hours of enjoyment.

The drawings are single-sided to prevent bleed-through, and to allow pages to be removed and displayed without losing an image on the back.  Great for framing, refrigerator art, scrapbooks, etc.


  • Fundamental Learning Concepts such as numbers, letters (both upper case and lower case), shapes, animals, simple words, and counting 
  • Large Images – 8.5×11 Paper– Easy to color for small hands 
  • High Quality Heavy Paper – Bright White – Not Cheap Newsprint 
  • Fun Drawings with Bold Lines which help toddlers stay within the lines and reinforce the shapes found in this toddler coloring book 
  • One Large Image Per Page – Blank on the Backside
  • Wide inner margins so you can easily tear pages to frame, scrapbook, etc.
  • This collection of cute animal images will keep your child busy for hours!
  • Great as a gift

Early education helps develop success in school and a bright future.

Let the learning and fun begin. Order your copy today!