Ranger Medic HandbooK


U.S. Army Ranger Medic Handbook – 4 – 150+ Pages  – 7.5 x 9.25 Format – (Prepper Survival Army) 

 This handbook describes the techniques used by US Army Ranger Medics. This book is the ultimate resource for anyone who wants to know how Ranger Medics function. 

 Formatted to 7.5 x 9.25 handbook. Both Page size and the content were made larger to make it easier to read.. Not too big. Not too small. 

 The Ranger Medic Handbook covers:

 · Trauma Assessment

· Airway Management

· Hemorrhage Management

· Thoracic Trauma Management

· Hypovolemic Shock Management

· Head Injuries

· Seizures

· Spinal Cord Injuries

· Orthopedic Trauma

· Burns

· Hyperthermia

· Heat Injuries

· Routine Medical Problems Often Seen

· Equipment Lists

· and Much More. 

 The Ranger Medic Code

 1. I will always remember that these are the finest Infantry on this earth, and that as such they deserve the finest health care.

2. No Ranger or Ranger dependent who comes to me for health care will ever be turned away without their needs being addressed, even if their paperwork/administrative requirements are not in order.

3. I will never let slip my mind the fact that in chaos of battle, I am all that stands between that bleeding, wounded Ranger and the finality of death. I will perform my job with such skill that the grim reaper will walk away empty-handed.

4. I will always remember that I must not only treat wounded Rangers, I must also carry them sometimes. I will maintain the physical conditioning necessary to accomplish this.

5. I will always remember that uniforms, weapons and supplies can all be DX’d but that each Ranger only comes with one body. I will never jeopardize the safety and/or recovery of that body by performing medical tasks beyond my skill and training.

6. I will always be cognizant of the fact that people do not suddenly get well after 1700 hours and on weekends, and that as such, I will willingly provide or coordinate for health care 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

7. I will never do anything stupid because “they” or “regulations” require it to be so. I will find a way to accomplish my mission and serve the Rangers of this Regiment.

8. I will always remember that everything I use is paid for by US citizens. I will remember those tax dollars are collected from the American people and given to the Rangers because those people believe that in exchange for that money they will be kept safe from the tyrants of the world.

9. I will never forget that this is an Infantry unit supported by a medical team; not a medical team

supported by a plethora of Infantry.

10. I will never forget that when the tyrants of the earth look towards the USA and plot mischief, they see a wall of cold steel backed up by determined men wearing Tan Berets; and then they plot their mischief somewhere else. The extent to which I support that wall is the extent to which I have a right to consume oxygen.


 Ranger Medic Handbook