Army Nuclear Biological & Chemical Decontamination Manual


Updated 2001 FM 3-11.5 – 8.5 x 11 Inch Size – 360 Pages – (Prepper Survival Army)

The printed U.S. Army Nuclear Biological and Chemical Decontamination Manual is in the 8.5 x 11 inch format.  The book contains 360 pages. 


The book is created, trusted and battle tested by the US Armed Forces.  It should be owned by every soldier and be part of every bug-out bag and vehicle, and used by preppers, hunters, climbers, campers, outdoorspeople, hikers and anyone looking to survive natural or man-made disasters.


Contents of the US Army Treatment of Nuclear Radiation Casualties Handbook include:


Chapter I Decontamination: Concepts, Principles, and Levels 

Chapter I addresses the threats, purposes, and principles behind decontamination.


Chapter II Decontamination Operations: Plan, Prepare, and Execute 

Chapter II addresses the planning of decontamination operations for wartime and for civil support (CS). It also addresses the reconnaissance and preparation of decontamination sites. 


Chapter III Immediate Decontamination 

Chapter III addresses the steps used for immediate decontamination. This chapter also discusses the techniques and procedures for using the most common decontamination kits and equipment available in the US inventory. 


Chapter IV Operational Decontamination 

Chapter IV addresses the planning, preparing, executing, and implementing techniques for operational decontamination. It covers vehicle wash down and mission-oriented protective posture (MOPP) gear exchange. 


Chapter V Thorough Decontamination 

Chapter V addresses planning, preparing, and executing the techniques for thorough decontamination. It covers pre-decontamination requirements, decontamination techniques, detailed troop decontamination (DTD), detailed equipment decontamination (DED), postdecontamination operations, site closure, and resupply. 


Chapter VI Clearance Decontamination 

Chapter VI addresses decontamination of equipment and personnel to levels that allow unrestricted transportation, maintenance, employment, and disposal.


Chapter VII Fixed-Site, Port, and Airfield Decontamination 

Chapter VII addresses planning, preparing, executing, and implementing the techniques for fixed-site, port, and airfield decontamination. 


Chapter VIII Aircraft and Aircrew Decontamination 

Chapter VIII addresses aircraft, aircraft cargo, and aircrew decontamination. Detailed aircraft decontamination (DAD) procedures are provided in this chapter. 


Chapter IX Shipboard/Maritime Decontamination 

Chapter IX addresses the considerations pertaining to shipboard and maritime decontamination. 


Chapter X Patient Evacuation and Decontamination 

Chapter X addresses patient evacuation procedures; the decontamination procedures for litter or ambulatory patients for chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) contamination; and decontaminant preparation. 


Chapter XI Decontamination in Support of Homeland Security 

Chapter XI addresses decontamination support for HLS. 




Army Nuclear Biological & Chemical Decontamination Manual