Learn how to play Sudoku! We created this Large Print book with One Puzzle Per Page complete with Instructions, Puzzles and Solutions. Great for both adults and kids 6 and up.  Keep your mind sharp and strengthen your cognitive abilities.


  • Large Print
  • Adults and Kids 6 and Up
  • 4 x 4 and 9 x 9 puzzles
  • Convenient 6 x 9 inch size.
  • High Quality Paper – Not newsprint – Erase without tearing
  • One puzzle per 6 x 9 inch page
  • Solutions included at the end of the book for each puzzle
  • Wide inner margins so you can easily tear pages out
  • 60 fun and engaging puzzles
  • 18 very easy puzzles; 30 easy puzzles; 12 medium hard puzzles
  • The puzzles increase in difficulty as you progress
  • This collection of puzzles will keep you busy for hours!

Use it or lose it! Doing problem-solving activities such as Sudoku has been widely accepted as a way of protecting brains from cognitive decline and increase concentration, focus, memory and attention to detail. Several studies confirm this:

  • S. National Institutes of Health. Participation in cognitively stimulating activities such as Sudoku may delay onset of the memory decline. Puzzle participation at baseline delayed onset of accelerated memory decline by 2.54 years. The findings show that late life puzzle participation was associated with delayed onset of memory decline in persons who developed dementia.
  • Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, found in a study, that completing regular puzzles could delay the onset of degenerative diseases such as dementia.
  • In England, a study by University of Exeter and King’s College in London found that completing Sudoku puzzles everyday results in brain function which is equivalent to someone ten years younger on tests involving grammar and short-term memory. The University of Edinburgh in the UK has done similar research regarding the benefits of puzzles like Sudoku. They have found that Sudoku can trigger “survival genes” in the brain that normally lay dormant. They report, “These survival genes make brain cells live longer and resist disease, strokes, and the effects of drugs.”
  • In Ireland, research done at Trinity College in Dublin found, mental stimulation over puzzles like crosswords and Sudoku can help ward off decline in brain function.

For kids, participating in these Sudoku problem-solving challenges helps children excel in math, logic, and critical thinking skills.  Other benefits for children include.

  • Playing Sudoku Greatly Improves Memory.
  • Sudoku Improves Abstract Reasoning.
  • Playing Sudoku Improves Data Memorizing Ability.
  • Sudoku Teaches Children Patience & Focus.
  • Playing Sudoku Teaches Logical Thinking.
  • Playing Sudoku Teaches Kids Decision-Making Skills.
  • Playing Sudoku Reduces Kids TV and Video Game Screen Time.
  • Sudoku Teaches Children to Pay Attention to Detail.
  • Sudoku is Mobile-Friendly.
  • Sudoku Makes Learning Fun.
  • Playing Sudoku Teaches Kids Rational Thinking & Problem-Solving.

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