U.S. Army Military Mountaineering Manual


Official Updated FM 3-97.61 – (Not Obsolete TC 90-6-1 Edition) – 8.5 x 11 inch Size – 328 Pages – (Prepper Survival Army)

BEWARE:  Many other sellers online are selling the Obsolete TC 90-6-1 Edition.  This is the updated official FM 3-97.61 which contains more pages and updated information.

The printed U.S. Army Mountaineering Manual is in the 8.5 x 11 inch format.  The book contains 287 pages.  

Mountains exist in almost every country in the world and almost every war has included some type of mountain operations. This pattern will not change; therefore, soldiers will fight in mountainous terrain in future conflicts. Although mountain operations have not changed, several advancements in equipment and transportation have increased the soldiers’ capabilities. The helicopter now allows access to terrain that was once unreachable or could be reached only by slow methodical climbing. Inclement weather, however, may place various restrictions on the capabilities of air assets available to a commander. The unit must then possess the necessary mountaineering skills to overcome adverse terrain to reach an objective.

This field manual details techniques soldiers and leaders must know to cope with mountainous terrain. These techniques are the foundation upon which the mountaineer must build. They must be applied to the various situations encountered to include river crossings, glaciers, snow-covered mountains, ice climbing, rock climbing, and urban vertical environments. The degree to which this training is applied must be varied to conform to known enemy doctrine, tactics, and actions. This FM also discusses basic and advanced techniques to include acclimatization, illness and injury, equipment, anchors, evacuation, movement on glaciers, and training.

The book is created, trusted and battle tested by the US Armed Forces.  It should be owned by every soldier and be part of every bug-out bag and vehicle, and used by preppers, hunters, climbers, campers, outdoorspeople, hikers and anyone looking to survive natural or man-made disasters.

Contents of the US Army Mountaineering Manual include:

· Mountaineering Equipment

· Rope Management and Knots

· Anchors

· Climbing

· Rope Installation

· Stream Crossing

· Movement Over Snow and Ice

· Mountain Rescue

· Much Much More




U.S. Army Military Mountaineering Manual