The Monkey Says TM Word Find Puzzle Book Contains 75 Themed Puzzles to stretch your child’s brain power to the max.  Word search books like this one can help to:

  • reinforce spellings in your child’s mind, 
  • encourage problem-solving,
  • improve logic,
  • extend their vocabulary, and 
  • boost their memory.

Each puzzle has a theme (food, animals, metals, and a lot more). Themed puzzles help your child classify and build word association.  They’ll look up, down, left, right, and diagonally as they search for the answers hidden in every word hunt puzzle

Perfect on the go learning.  This wordsearch book is great as a reinforcement learning tool, perfect as a school aid, or a great addition to your kids homeschool curriculum.


  • Large Puzzles and Word Clues
  • High Quality Paper – Not cheap newsprint – Erase without tearing
  • One puzzle per 8.5” x 11” page
  • 12 words per puzzle
  • 40 Easy puzzles with no diagonals and few shared letters
  • 35 Medium puzzles with diagonals and shared letters
  • Room on each puzzle page to draw pictures of the words found.
  • Solutions included at the end of the book for each puzzle
  • Wide inner margins so you can easily tear pages out for worksheets
  • 75 fun and engaging puzzles
  • This collection of puzzles will keep your child busy for hours!
  • Great as a gift

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