U.S. Army Explosives & Demolitions Manual


Official Updated 2007 FM 3-34.214 – (Not Obsolete FM 5-25 Edition ) – 8.5 x 11 inch size – 400 Pages 

BEWARE:  Many other sellers online are selling the Obsolete FM 5-25 Edition.  This is the updated official 2007 FM 3-34.214 which contains more pages and updated information.

Field Manual (FM) 3-34.214 is the reference manual for explosives and demolitions procedures that support combat operations, as well as, peacetime training missions requiring demolition (the destruction of structures, facilities, or material by use of fire, water, explosives, mechanical, or other means) (FM 1-02) applications. FM 3-34.214 provides the theory of explosives, explosive characteristics and their common uses, formulas for calculating various types of charges, and the standard methods of priming and placing charges. FM 3-34.214 provides doctrine on constructing charges for various applications and its uses to maintain mobility and momentum in the contemporary operational environment (COE). It focuses on the demolition systems and material required to accomplish the mission. The doctrine in this manual recognizes the need to address the urban and complex environment. This manual describes in detail the procedures required to assemble and emplace explosive charges for impartial or complete destruction.

The printed U.S. Army Explosives and Demolitions Manual is in the 8.5 x 11 inch format.  The book contains 400 pages.  

The book is created, trusted and battle tested by the US Armed Forces.  It should be part of every bug-out bag and vehicle, and used by preppers, hunters, climbers, campers, outdoorspeople, hikers and anyone looking to survive natural or man-made disasters.

Contents of the Army Explosives and Demolitions Manual include:

· Military Explosives

· Domestic Explosives

· Foreign Explosives

· Demolition Charges

· Demolition Accessories

· Detonation Cord

· Blasting Caps

· Modern Initiating Systems

· Charge Calculation and Placement

· Cutting Charges

· Breaching Charges

· Cratering Charges

· Bridge Demolition

· Demolition Operations

· Explosive Urban Entry

· Field Expedient Demolitions

· Underwater Demolitions

· Much Much More


U.S. Army Explosives & Demolitions Manual