U.S. Army Survival Manual


Official Updated FM 3-05.70 (Not Obsolete FM 21-76) 670+ Pages (Prepper Survival Army)

BEWARE:  Most other sellers on Amazon are selling the Obsolete FM 21-76.  This is the updated official FM 3-05.70. which contains hundreds more pages.


The printed Survival Manual is in the convenient 6×9 inch format.  The book contains over 670 pages.  Digital versions are available for Kindle readers, PCs, Tablets and Cellphones.  

The book is created, trusted and battle tested by the US Armed Forces.  It should be part of every bug-out bag and vehicle, and used by preppers, hunters, climbers, campers, outdoorspeople, hikers and anyone looking to survive natural or man-made disasters.


Since batteries and electricity can fail, you should buy the print edition.


Contents of Army Survival Manual

· Chapter 1 Introduction 

· Chapter 2 Psychology of Survival 

· Chapter 3 Survival Planning and Survival Kits

· Chapter 4 Basic Survival Medicine

· Chapter 5 Shelters

· Chapter 6 Water Procurement 

· Chapter 7 Fire Craft

· Chapter 8 Food Procurement 

· Chapter 9 Survival Use of Plants

· Chapter 11 Dangerous Animals

· Chapter 12 Field-Expedient Weapons, Tools, and Equipment

· Chapter 13 Desert Survival 

· Chapter 14 Tropical Survival 

· Chapter 15 Cold Weather Survival

· Chapter 16 Sea Survival

· Chapter 17 Expedient Water Crossings

· Chapter 18 Field-Expedient Direction Finding 

· Chapter 19 Signaling Techniques 

· Chapter 20 Survival Movement In Hostile Areas

· Chapter 21 Camouflage 

· Chapter 22 Contact With People 

· Chapter 23 Survival In Man-Made Hazards 


  • Appendix A Survival Kits
  • Appendix B Edible And Medicinal Plants 
  • Appendix C Poisonous Plants
  • Appendix D Dangerous Insects and Arachnids 
  • Appendix E Venomous Snakes and Lizards 
  • Appendix F Dangerous Fish and Mollusks 
  • Appendix G Ropes and Knots
  • Appendix H Clouds: Foretellers Of Weather
  • Appendix I Evasion Plan of Action Format





U.S. Army Survival Manual